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MU7008 Assignment Requirement

Activity Research Proposal (5,000 words)


The research proposal provides a robust argument for the development of a specific area of activity for a art gallery (in UK Leicester art gallery and museum- Attenborough) . This is a proposal for a new museum, rebranding, temporary exhibition or the introduction of a new collecting policy or pubic programme (client from China, so we can target one of the art gallery in China to make a activity proposal based on what we have in the Attenborough). The research proposal should be grounded in academic research, and be written for an audience of museum practitioners or funders that might evaluate your proposal.


The topic relating informal learning for children about arts, focus on family activities


As a general guide, your research proposal should include the following key sections:


  1. Title Page

The first page of the research report should be a title page indicating:

  • Full title of your research project
  • Degree for which your research project is submitted
  • Year of your submission
  • Your full name


  1. Executive Summary (300words)

The executive summary provides an overview of your entire proposal. The executive summary should address the following aspects of your work:

• Introduction and Rationale

• Context and Objectives

• Summary of the Proposed Activity

The summary informs the reader on what area of work the research report covers in a concise and succinct manner.


Other Preliminary Materials

After your abstract you should include the following:

  • Acknowledgements page
  • List of contents
  • List of tables (if included)
  • List of figures (if included)
  • List of abbreviations (optional)


Main Body of the Research Proposal


The next key section is the main body of the proposal. As a guide the main body of the research proposal should include the following key sections:


  1. Introduction and Rationale for the Study (300words)

The introduction provides a description of the project and your main objectives. In this section you will present your research question and the key aims and objectives of your proposal.

  1. Context (1500words) [literature review]

In this section you will present the broader context for the research. Your discussion should detail:

    1. How you have drawn on the literature to frame your understanding of the institution or context under study (focus family activity and self led activity about informal learning about art). This section provides a review of previous work by others that is relevant to your project (surveys the field- family activities, informal learning, self led activities). This does not mean reproducing in detail materials published in books, reports and journal papers. It does mean summarising the information so that a reader is informed of the key writing in this area and where to look for these established debates and discussions.
    2. Background to the institution under consideration
  1. Methods (interview the staff who work in the art gallery)[the interview questions on next page] (800words)

Discussion of the methods used to develop the proposal. You should provide a full discussion of the ethical approach to the study and how you have followed the guidelines for research. Your methods section should draw on established research techniques and present an overview of how you selected and chose your methods, while demonstrating your knowledge and awareness of the methods in question.

  1. Proposed Activity (1600words)

In this section you should provide a detailed discussion of the proposed activity e.g. exhibition proposal, etc. You should provide additional materials based on your proposal style (e.g. exhibition proposal, funding proposal, marketing proposal, digital design brief, and so on) which may include but are not limited to:

    1. Floor Plan
    2. Gaant Chart
    3. List of Artworks or Objects
    4. Curatorial Objectives
    5. Budget (UK pounds) and Funding Sources
  1. Conclusion (500words)

In the conclusion you should aim to wrap-up and sell your project idea. The proposal serves as a pitch for you to secure your project. Therefore it needs to highlight the benefits and potential impact that your project idea would have within the organisation.

  1. Bibliography

You should ensure that all references are accurate, complete and consistent throughout. Adopt the Harvard (author/date) system.

  1. Appendices

Appendices are not included in the wordcount. Please note that you do not have to include appendices. The appendices should be used to support the main body of the report but are not considered as essential to overall analysis. Another use of appendices is to present detailed tables of results or supporting facts. An appendix can also be used to present background information which most readers will know but a few need to be told.


Additional Points of Guidance


Diagrams and Tables

A clear and well-drawn diagram can present data or key patterns quickly and clearly. Diagrams should be carefully drawn and include an informative title. Each diagram should be numbered in the order of appearance with the report. For example, "Figure 2.3 Islamic Gallery in the British Museum". In the body of the text diagrams should be referred to as Figure 3.6 or Figures 3.6 and 3.7 where you are referring to multiple images. Diagrams should be placed close to the point in the text where it is first referred to wherever possible. Tables should also be numbered consecutively and each labelled with the number and title. For example, Table 6.3 Annual visitor figures for the New Walk Museum.


The interview questions for the staff in art gallery (which the activity need linked to these questions)


Question 1

What do you think is the value of informal learning for children in art galleries?


Question 2

What do you think are the characteristics of an effective informal learning activities for children in the gallery?


Question 3

Do you have any reflections on the relationship between informal learning in the gallery and more formal learning in the classroom?


Question 4

What are the main challenges you have encountered in providing informal learning opportunities for children and families and what strategies have you used to try and address these challenges?

Order to get the answer to this


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